Validating Designed Construction




Gen-Assess has been in operation for over 10 years and has helped many builders, architects and home owners with their building projects. At Gen-Assess we specialise in energy and sustainability assessment commonly known in the trade as environmental impact ratings. We help to ensure newly built and extended homes achieve Building Regulation Part L (energy) and Building Regulation Part G (water) compliance. We are Elmhurst Energy accredited surveyors and also Stroma certified Code for Sustainable Homes assessors. With this wealth of knowledge that is always growing, we are able to offer top level consultancy that not only achieves compliance for Building Regulation sign off but does so in the most cost effective way.

Part L and SAP

Building Regulation Part L and the SAP assessment is not new. SAP assessments started in 1995. The SAP assessment was initially a carbon emission rate that theoretically denoted the energy efficiency of a new build or extended dwelling. Over the years this has changed considerably and seeing a push towards a lower carbon emission rate the SAP assessment criteria has developed. The SAP assessment  now has a two part pass criteria and both sections must pass to achieve Building Regulation Part L compliance. The carbon emission rate must pass but now the Dwelling Fabric Energy Efficiency rate must also pass. At Gen-Assess we look at all aspects of the building design to help you achieve these strict compliance criteria. We analyse u value calculations to bring out the best in your build, encourage the use of accredited construction details to ensure air tightness is a resolved factor for heat loss and support the installation of renewable energy in any form.




New Build - SAP Assessments  for Building Regulation Part L1a compliance

EPCs - For new builds and Building Control sign off

Extensions - SAP Assessments for Building Regulation Part L1b compliance

EPCs for Building Control sign off 

Water Efficiency - Water Calculations for Building Regulation part G compliance

Sustainability - Code for Sustainable Homes assessments and certificates

Planning Statements and Strategies for Energy and Renewable Energy

Planning Requirements - Renewable Energy Calculations, Green Travel Plans, Support Documents for Energy and Sustainability